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Simulation plant wall vertical green landscape wall

Green plants give people a natural, quiet and beautiful feeling, and creating a vertical green wall allows people to feel the greenness of nature at any time, which makes people feel relieved. Natural plants are sensitive to light, temperature, humidity, soil and other harsh conditions. The requirements make it not suitable for the general public to install and plant indoors. At this time, the simulated plant wall comes into operation. The simulated plant wall is used as the decoration of the three-dimensional vertical greening of the building. Harsh conditions perfectly solve the dilemma that natural plants are not easy to hang on the wall.

The simulated plants have a very good decorative effect. Some natural plants in nature can be simulated and produced to achieve a one-to-one replica effect. Even if you look closely, it is difficult to find that they are plastic products. There are many simulated plants, which are beautiful and atmospheric. It can be used with a variety of plants in different shapes, showing you a vibrant green world all year round, especially in the winter when everything is depressed, it is still green and vibrant, making people feel refreshed and refreshed, making you feel like Returning to the natural and green pastoral scenery, it gives people a feeling of pleasing to the eye and returning to nature.

The simulation plant wall installation is simple and convenient. Just place the pieces of simulated green plants on the barbed wire, and then match them with various flowers and plants. It does not need to be taken care of later. It is now widely used in some high-end hotels, cafes, shopping malls, and ecological hotels. and other places. It provides new elements for indoor and outdoor decoration, making the concept of ecological architecture more perfect. The exquisite shape and decoration are very eye-catching, attracting a large number of people, and some will become holy places for punching cards.

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