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  GSGRASS is a professional enterprse specializing in the production of artificial plants. our factory covers an area of 7,000 square meters.the main products are artificial grass, landscape,football field lawn, artificial green wall,artificial flowers and wedding scenes and other simulated plant seres. 

  The purpose ofthecompanyto build"high-quality projects" as the business purpose, to "start from thefoundation"asthe business philosophy. adhere to the "quality first" business policy.

  Welcome friendsfrom all walks of life to visit.  and conduct business negotiations. 

Artificial grass
Artificial grass Sports lawns and leisure lawns are mainly used in sports fields, football fields, basketball courts, kindergartens, roof gardens, residential greening, parking lots and exhibition halls, etc.and have been accepted and highly recognized by many industries MORE+
Artificial plants wall
Artificial plants wall Artificial plsnts wall,products are used in homerestaurants, shopping malls.sales offices,exterior walls.fences, cafes, bars, shops, housenumbers, office buildings, weddingdecorations,etc MORE+
  • Advantages of artificial turf

    Artificial turf is very similar to natural turf. Artificial turf not only has the advantages of natural turf, but also has the characteristics of high wear resistance, which can guarantee the service life of more than 7 years. Artificial turf is an all-weather venue, completely unaffected by rain and snow. It can be used in extreme climate areas such as high cold and high temperature. Therefore, it is more suitable for school use, bright colors, durable, easy maintenance, is the best choice for sports venues.

  • Simulation plant wall vertical green landscape wall

    Green plants give people a natural, quiet and beautiful feeling, and creating a vertical green wall allows people to feel the greenness of nature at any time, which makes people feel relieved. Natural plants are sensitive to light, temperature, humidity, soil and other harsh conditions. The requirements make it not suitable for the general public to install and plant indoors. At this time, the simulated plant wall comes into operation. The simulated plant wall is used as the decoration of the three-dimensional vertical greening of the building. Harsh conditions perfectly solve the dilemma that natural plants are not easy to hang on the wall.

  • Artificial flower

    As the name suggests, artificial flowers are based on fresh flowers and imitated with cloth, yarn, silk, plastic and other raw materials. Today, imitation products are getting better and better, and they are almost fake. In addition to showing various flowers, there are also simulated leaves, simulated branches, simulated weeds, simulated trees, etc.


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