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Advantages of artificial turf

  Artificial turf is very similar to natural turf. Artificial turf not only has the advantages of natural turf, but also has the characteristics of high wear resistance, which can guarantee the service life of more than 7 years. Artificial turf is an all-weather venue, completely unaffected by rain and snow. It can be used in extreme climate areas such as high cold and high temperature. Therefore, it is more suitable for school use, bright colors, durable, easy maintenance, is the best choice for sports venues.

It has good elasticity and sufficient cushioning force.

It can be installed on various foundation surfaces, the quality of the foundation is not high, it is not afraid of cracking, there is no worry about foaming and delamination, it is breathable and water-permeable, and has excellent drainage performance.

In line with environmental protection requirements, the lawn layer can be recycled and reused.

Increase the exercise area, reduce the noise on the playground, and have the functions of shock absorption and decompression, which meets the requirements of open teaching.

It is filled with quartz sand and rubber particles, so that students can keep clean when exercising and has no pollution to the environment. All marking lines on the playground are bonded with environmentally friendly two-component glue, which is firm and reliable, and no longer worry about frequent marking. 

Artificial turf has a high utilization rate and is suitable for schools due to its characteristics of shock absorption, no noise, safety, non-toxicity, elasticity, and good resistance.

Short construction and installation period, quick results, economical and practical, one-time investment, almost no follow-up maintenance costs.

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